• After-sales Engineer
    1-3 years / College degree and above    Salary negotiable

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Enter the ERP according to the sales order and sales return order as required, and process the daily documents.

    2. Organize the accounts receivable of the business department and collect all the statements;

    3. Monthly reconciliation with customer maintenance department and finance department;

    4. Review the invoice application form of the customer maintenance department;

    5. Analyze the data of crisis customers in the business department.

    Job requirements:

    1. Proficiency in office software;

    2. Cheerful personality, strong ability to withstand stress;

    3. Be patient, meticulous, dedicated and responsible;

    4. Understand financial and ERP system knowledge;

    5. Proficiency in typing;

    6.2 years of work experience is preferred, excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable.

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